Saturday, January 29, 2011

#11. Sooz Sightings!

My sister Sooz is here for a visit and OH HOW I LOVE MY SISTER SOOZ. She is awesomeness and wonderfulness all in one, with a healthy dose of giggles and fantastic ruminations on the side.  I could go on and on and on, but oh do I love her. She reminds me of me and then nothing of me and then I get ambitious and want to be more like her. Because, more than anything, Sooz is FUN. She can turn anything into hilarity and I not only appreciate the happy thoughts but oh my abs are getting a workout (something they have not seen enough of lately, I'll tell you!).  But sometimes, you've just got to call a spade a spade and say "Anne, you're just not funny." Don't think that will stop me from trying, though!

When she landed yesterday, her flight decided to hang out on the runway because I suppose they assumed we wanted to build up the anticipation some more. It seriously got to the point where I thought I could hear the big drums booming dun dun dunnnnnnnnn....all dramatic-like and such (to my dismay, no big drum booms actually came to fruition). And, then, we thought she was finally coming out of the terminal until we got a text saying Well, waiting for my bag bc I inadvertently checked it. Say what? You inadvertently checked it? Pray tell, how exactly does one check a bag inadvertently? And, that's how the weekend of giggles began. 

After a few HOURS of intense MarioKart battles between Sooz & Mr. Awesome, we went on a Tour of Divisadero last night. You've never heard of the Tour of Divisadero? Well, duh!, that's because I invented it. And it is awesome.

We started off at Nopa, which is indescribable deliciousness and ate until we couldn't feel feelings anymore. During said gorge-fest, Sooz and I bonded over our love for making all our dollar bills face the same way in our wallet. Seriously, what is nicer than a neatly organized wallet? It makes you feel like all is right in the world, with all the bills in numerical order and facing the same way.'s my little piece of Heaven. Mr. Awesome loves it when I steal his wallet to "organize" for him. He sure is lucky, don't you think?

Wallets nicely organized, we then trekked north to Tortilla Heights to meet B & her work friends plus Twitter Marcus for the end of their happy hour. And, people, here is where I toot my own horn. Ten blocks, uphill, in heels, walking with mammoth Sooz (did I tell you that Sooz is tall? she's like a giant...comparatively...which means she's probably average height but to me, well let's just say I can see up her nostrils! hahahahaha I don't think she knew that before! well...secret's out!) and I was leading the charge. Slash keeping up nicely. I would do a little run-run-run and then walk-walk-walk, back to run-run-run to keep pace. I probably burned off 2 billion calories, which totally covers my half margarita and greyhound later on at Lions' Den.


Something which never would've happened without the Sooz here to visit. Gosh, I love her.

Isn't she pretty? Love you!

Eye candy entertainment:
Isn't he just so hardcore? Leader of the pack vroom vroom!


Friday, January 28, 2011

#10 Kev & Bean Gettin' Friscky

2011 is going to be the BEST year yet. Seriously. And I know, I know, it's not all about me (although sometimes I think it should be. C'mon, you think so, too, sometimes!) although our wedding is pretty much going to be epic and a tale to be told for decades to come. But, how else do I know that this year is going to rock (literally and figuratively)???

Kevin AND Bean
the 'Frisco!

(pause for silent screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you haven't heard of these two DJs, well then, people, you are missing out. On life. Itself. Forever & ever amen. When I left L.A., yes I missed the sunshine, and the froyo, and the beaches, and the traffic (haHA! threw that one in there to see if you were paying attention! this is no time for slacking off, people. it's the best year yet!!! stay awake!). But most of all, I missed KROQ in the morning with Kevin & Bean. And especially Ralph Garmin (he walks the show biz beat, you know). And lovely Lisa May. And all the fun times we had together...through the radio waves and about a bazillion rows apart at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert. 

But now, in 2011, my loves are on the radio in my (new) hometown! Life is good again and I can upgrade my ipod (seriously, it's embarrassing some of the stuff I have on there). Be prepared world. My secret late night dance parties are about to get upgraded BIG time. 

Ooh...maybe I should let my downstairs neighbors know about this....!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Blast from the past...our 1st Superbowl...Feb 2007

Four years. FOUR years. FOUR FOUR FOUR!

Did you ever notice how when you write a word over and over and over, it seems to take on a life of its' own and is no longer the word you originally intended? That just happened! Where's my 4? FOUR just doesn't look right. Strangeness!

Anyhow, like the Count, today I am REALLY excited about a number. But clearly not just any number, but the number FOUR. And not just because it's nice and even, I really can't stand those odd(ball) numbers, but because today of all days, it means something BIG.

I've had four years of someone's hand to hold, someone to tell me I am beautiful even when I'm not (rarely happens, obvi, but still, HA!), and someone to sit beside me when I cry or when I laugh and love me the same either way. That is 1461 days of togetherness (yes, I remembered to count the leap year, yay me!) and that is SOMETHING because I'll tell you, I know I am no easy cat to put up with. 

And this year is a pretty damned big deal, because this year, we go back to zero. This is our last anniversary as Anne+Chris and then, we get to be....

The Tresters.

Oooh, shivers down my spine! He has that effect on me, you know. From day one. Day One, I kid you not. I knew I was meant to love him the day I met him, even though I tried to play it cool, even though I thought this floppy haired kid from Santa Barbara was just another one of my walks down the wrong side of the dating street, and even though it took us 2 1/2 years to start dating officially. I gave up. Only once. And somehow, magically, the universe said HEYYYYYYYYY THAT IS NOT WHAT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN and boom! he was my boyfriend.

He'll be my husband.

Mr. Awesome...I love you


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#8 The Ultimate Family Tradition

Today I woke up cranky, which is dangerous territory for everyone involved. Or not involved. It doesn't matter; my crankiness does NOT discriminate. Consider yourself warned, people!

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was out until 11:30 last night (UNHEARD OF! me, a party animal?? haha AS IF! i was having dinner with the 'ie club. i love me some Adie & Rachie and clearly we all talk alot!). Anyhow, mystery remains but the grumpy/pouty/waaaaaaaaah!Snooki-style face Anne reared her head and we are just all still waiting until she goes away. 

Crankypants Anne couldn't think of anything positive today - anything! She mulled over the great company she kept last night at Uva Enoteca (which, by the way is delish!). Then she pondered writing about wine b/c no matter which Anne she is that day, but especially when she's Crankypants Anne, oh does she love wine! And, then, it hit her. Today is the last day that she & Mr. Awesome were THREE! And that, people, is reason enough to be grateful but let's save that for tomorrow, shall we? Today, we will be grateful for the ultimate family tradition - the milestone countdown!

Mama Wills is a lot of things - I mean that literally. She is a lawyer, a teacher, former president of the Iowa State Bar, incredible craftswoman, beyond indescribably amazing cook, a loud laugher, great hugger, but most of all, she is my Mama. And I love her. Like WOAH. 

One of the things I love most about Mama Wills is that in spite of the crazy/busy life she leads (see above), she made our family a family with MAJOR traditions. My parents were not spoilers, oh no. If you have any doubts, talk to Dr. J. She still complains that her only childhood toy was a cardboard box and that she never got a 1st Communion party. Now, seeing as she is at the ripe ol' age of 29, some people would say "let it go, will ya?" but there's some merit to her complaints. Just sayin'...

But every holiday morning, the kitchen table was a veritable sight to see. It was like a poor man's Christmas, only it would be St. Patrick's Day, or Halloween. We'd all get a card from our Daddio & usually a cool figurine that I still proudly display every year! And we'd also get sweets & a present from our Mama, which varied year-to-year, based on important things like whether scrunchies were still cool or if American Eagle was all the rage, etc. I know you're thinking "when would the answer to these questions be no?" but then you've never met my Sally Sue, fashionista and stylist to not the stars (yet!) but to her sister friends. These things would NOT be allowed today. Sadness. 

But I am totally getting off topic! Okay so let's review - Mom, love her, maker of the ultimate family tradition. Check! Moving on. 

So if you think random holidays are a big deal to the Family Unit, birthdays are even better! And it all starts with my Mama, calling each day the week before you were born to say "Happy last Monday you're 26!" then "happy last Tuesday you're 26!" etc. It is such a little thing but


Which is what Mama's are all about. Especially mine. Man, am I lucky. 

Happy last day we are THREE, Mr. Awesome! 
I love you to the moon & back & back again!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#7 Bubbles

I have a confession to make. This morning, before work, I took a BATH. And ohhhhh was it luxurious!

I woke up, exhausted from life again, and thought to my Self, "Self, rollover and go back to sleep." But then I also thought "ha! that didn't turn out so well last week when you slept too late, ran out the door with greeeeeeeeeasy hair and was late to a meeting....twice."

So I got up, fully intending to turn on the shower, and instead, I just sat right down in the tub and


I even shaved my legs, which these days, is a rare occurrence (Mr. Awesome says he doesn't mind. Do you think he's lying? I do!). But mostly, I just sat and relaxed and thought about my day. And then tried very hard to NOT think about my day and just be in the moment (which is really much harder than it seems).

I tried to not think about this morning's meetings or this afternoon's interview or how I was going to fit in another run (5 days in a row! yay me!) or the dinner with friends that I was kind of dreading, if only because I am trying to lose weight and have done SO WELL these past 5 days. Do you see what I mean? Even just telling you what I was trying not to think about I am now thinking about more. Oh these thoughts of mine! They take on a life of their own, I swear!

But for 15 minutes this morning, I soaked and my thoughts, well, they took a shower and went right down the drain.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

#5. DeathMonsters Ahead, Beware!

I am on a mission. Not a mission to the moon, mind you, but one of gargantuan proportions nonetheless!

I am
to be a runner again

And, no, I'm not supposed to be running. And, yes, my knees hurt sometimes. But does it feel awesome? Well you bet your lucky days of the week under-roo's it does!

Let me walk you through this journey, shall I? I am so sure that you are nodding your head vigorously right now that I can do nothing but oblige. It would be quite rude not to...quite!

Okay so once upon a time, far far back in the history of Annabelle the Great (that's what they call me, you know), I realized something that has forever since shaped my life.


And this, people, was what led me to give up on my dreams of freshman year basketball & volleyball because, really, what was the use in trying if I was never going to be the best? Do your best? pshh! That is just another way of saying, "you're not the best but we want you to get us water and towels anyways, Team Manager." And so I filled my days with dance team and cheerleading and other things where lack of height is a great advantage because, duh, you get to be in the front row. And that, people, is where I wanted to be!

But...after awhile...I also wanted to be an athlete. Now cue all the folks out there who will rally to the defense of the dancing queen, the squad captain, the show choir soloist and say that these things are TOUGH WORK, athletic even! And don't get me wrong, they are tough work. But they also don't give you uber sexy calves, which is also what I was going for...I mean, those cheerleading skirts are SHORT!!! So, I did what I do best and did whatever my older sister did, which in this case was cross country.

Cross country was probably the most absurd extra-curricular I could've chosen. It involved long-distance running (of which I had never experienced), a complete & total lack of spectators (and therefore, attention), and most of all...dedication. You can't just play back-up or ride the bench. Everybody, EVERYBODY, runs the same. Just some a little faster than others. Or slower. Whatever.

I was told I couldn't do it. I mean it. Not that I couldn't hack it but that I couldn't. Dear sweet older sister Joan didn't want me on the team because she (rightly so) knew I didn't care. But I was (am?) a brat and so I joined anyways. And, you know what?


But it was also

I learned that I could do so much more than I ever thought I could and that I could actually be pretty good at it. I learned to run, not away from my problems, but towards them, head-on. Running taught me the power of positive thought, of seeking silence, and of seeking God when times got tough. Long runs was the only way I got through the turmoil of my college decision, through my incessant high school fights with my mother, and, of course, gave me my uber sexy calves. Uber. I've been told.

But along the way, my knees screamed and yelled and finally just up and quit on me! Those quitters! (but more on that another time). And so it has been weeks, months, years, since my running shoes have actually been used for running. They look quite nice, by the way, but I don't think running shoes are supposed to look nice. They are supposed to look tough, like they've seen it all, done it all, and lived to tell the tale. Grrr. Indeed!

So this weekend, I got inspired. I had spent the day painting with Mr. Awesome (our living room is now LUSH, oh it's so gorgeous) and was waiting for coat number one to dry when I said "okay LOML, I'm going for a run." "A run?" he replies, like that is the strangest thing in the world. Which, to his credit, coming from me, it probably was. And while I'm sure he was worried to DEATH about me, thinking perhaps my knees would fall off in the middle of the Panhandle and he'd then really be married to a shortie and subjected for the rest of his life to get everything off the highest shelves on demand (oh wait...that is his life....), but he just said "okay honey, have a good time!" like I was off to the circus or something. Although, seeing as I haven't run in quite some time, it's probably what I looked like!

So off I went, through the park, around the dahlia garden, picnickers, tennis players, maker-outers, and back through the panhandle. And


And because I was running through the partk, I could just keep going, one foot in front of the other, without intersections and red lights to tell me to stop, take a break, this is RiDiCuLoUs! Except for one intersection between the Panhandle & Golden Gate Park, where cars rip around the corner like they've got somewhere to be! But, thankfully, I had been forewarned, like a message from God, and escaped unscathed. Because, painted there on the bike path/running trail, some lovely San Franciscan had left me a warning:

Monday, January 17, 2011

#3. La Boulange chai so good it should be dessert

Seriously. Decadence in a cup. If I could, I'd have this every day. I mean, it might even make me give up my love of frozen yogurt (which is CrAzY to even think about!!!).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#2. Rock Formations that Make Me Smile & Think of my Daddio

My dad is a genius. One of those geniuses that you've probably never heard of, but a genius nonetheless.

He knows all sorts of stuff that no one else knows. Like why the Missouri river wanted to wind around over the years and form the valley south of our hometown. Like the importance of hanging your clothes in color order even though the rest of your closet can be a mess. Like how to build an exact replica of Mount Rushmore out of chicken wire (seriously, people, he did that...and I got an A!).

But most of all, Horatio Dimwit (that's he's secret name so he doesn't ever have to become famous for how smart he is and deal with the paparazzi!) is the world genius on rock formations. Especially ones that you can see all the layers since The Land Before Time - and he'll tell you exactly how those layers came to be...and then muse about what life must've been like during each of those eras, and eventually wander around to "wouldn't it have been cool to cross the country in a covered wagon?!?!" (No, Dad, the cross-country trips in the minivan were bad enough, thank you very much!).

So when Mr. Awesome & I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head down to Carmel by the Sea for the day (doesn't that name just oooze romance? and day trips? definitely romance! I love Mr. Awesome, I do), we never expected that we'd be talking about my dear Dad for a good portion of our trip! But hiking through Point Lobos all along the California coast, we saw the coolest things:

Mussels (ooh I wish they were for dinner, yes I do!)

Giant Seal friends

But most of all....
Rock formations!

And I smiled so big and took 101 pictures so I could send them to my Dad. It makes me so happy to be reminded of my Dad, to get to share his sense of humor with Mr. Awesome, and the really wonderful stories of my really wonderful childhood (no matter how I felt about it at the time). I am seriously so
to have him as a father and even luckier to be marrying someone who agrees...and who will probably be a pretty similar father someday too (Mr. Awesome is way into history! not so much rocks, but anything else that's boring to most people, he loves. And I mean LOVES, the way I love Gossip Girl. Do I know how to pick 'em or what?).

My Dad is great.
And the hike was pretty awe-inspiring, too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

#1. Electric toothbrush from Mr. Awesome

My obsession with teeth began long before this blog post, long before I had moved to the land of perfect, white, straight teeth (aka Hollywood), looooooong before I found the man of my dreams. Yes, this obsession has been with me since my 'tweens, and I don't think I'm ever going to shake it. I dream about little pearly whites all lined up, side-by-side, same height, same shade of eggshell, held in place by bright (but not too bright) pink gums. I evaluate every set that walks by me (are those straighter than mine? how often do you think she brushes? DO you think she brushes???) and I lust after making mine as perfect as possible, in spite of the crazy small mouth/too many teeth genetics I was given.

Oh yes, people, I am...

So I was feeling mighty fine heading to my dentist appointment, knowing that she would probably crown me Queen of the Cavity Free Club and ask to take my picture to post for all the other patients of what model perfect teeth look like. Definitely 10 outta 10 possibility and I was going to milk it for all it's worth - I even planned to call Mr. Awesome while it was happening so he could fawn over me, too (did I mention how much I love attention? loooove it).

Well, well, well, things did not turn out as planned
(funny how often that happens, isn't it?).

After quizzing me unusually long about how often I floss (every day), how often I brush (twice a day), and in what direction I brush (circles, away from the gums, duh!), Dentist Lady smiled that "I don't believe you" smile and told gums were starting to receed. RECEED, PEOPLE! There's no turning back if that happens (which obviously I knew from all my teeth research) and, well...


And when I came home that night, Mr. Awesome held my hand while I cried. Oh I cried. I mourned those recessed gums until I was all cried out (and, ps, I did this while brushing because, well, you can't just sit around feeling sorry for yourself all day, says mom!).

And, then, Mr. Awesome did something I never expected. A fellow excessive-teeth-brusher, he understood how big of a blow this recession thing was, and he got down on one knee, held my hand, and....

(people, I hope you didn't get too excited there. We've been engaged for months!)

And, so life is back to wonderful. Mr. Awesome & me & our little matching electric toothbrushes, we are back to happy. We brush faithfully for 3 mins in the morning & 3 mins in the evening. Those little suckers even auto-turn-off for us every 2 mins so we know just where we are in the process. It's like a miracle. Well, okay, not reeeeeally a miracle because it's just technology people and it's been sitting in our bathroom cupboard for awhile, but


Electric toothbrush, I love you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And on the Eighth Day....

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up and say "Self, what is your purpose?" Seriously now, have you? Well I have and let me tell you, that is a HeAvY question for first thing in the morning!

The other day I was pondering the state of the economy (can I afford new shoes?), global warming (can I wear a tank top & cardi in January?) and...THE MEANING OF LIFE. Whew. Then I went back to bed. And when I woke back up again, I had all the answers.

Answer #1 -
definitely but only if they are (a) adooooooorable, (b) make me taller (b/c Self is actually rather short...but don't tell anyone), and (c) can be justified by being able to be worn with jeans, dresses, yoga pants, etc etc etc. You know, just like every other pair in my closet.

Answer #2 -
clean clothes = wearable clothes so go for it! decision made.

Answer #3 -
this blog.

I have a pretty awesome life but I don't think I always realize it, hence why I lust after the other side of the fence and still search for the meaning of life. Well, people, this is it - it's all we get. So I'm gonna start living and blogging and each day, remind myself of one thing I am grateful for & why San Francisco Anne is the best Self there is!