About this blog

This is me.

This is me many many years ago.

I guess you could say not a lot has changed. You would be right. 

I still like to smile, giggle, pose and celebrate life's joys with my wonderful family . And I still basically look exactly the same and my eyes just about close in every picture where I'm smiling. Go figure. 

On the inside, I am still a person of immense loves: 
love for my 4 sisters, my parents, my family, the husband I don't deserve,
love for frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, champagne when there's nothing to celebrate, 
love for believing others are better than they believe themselves,
love for everything put away exactly where it belongs, lists to cross off, a clean home, 
love for believing that everything happens for a reason, 
love for the smell of candles on a rainy night, cookies in the oven, irish spring soap on my husband's skin,
and love for knowing that prayers are crazy powerful and God really does answer them if you only listen.

This blog is about all of the above - sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical, always long-winded. It doesn't promise to be anything but what it is. It will not change the world, but it's my world. Just a simple life that I am blessed to be living.