Monday, March 7, 2011

#31. A Good Hair Day Can Only Mean One Thing

How did I know today would be a good, no a great! , day? It took me only 20 mins to do my hair. Twenty! We're talking both drying and straightening this thick curly mane of mine. And yes the straightening job is probably not in the top ten of all time but I am most impressed with myself. I usually can't even get through the blowdrying process that quickly! Hooray for Mondays!

But then, convinced today had something great in store for me, I almost missed the bus. Almost! It shut the door just as I turned the corner but thankfully my winning smile caused that sucker to pop fight back open. Was this another good omen? Or a sign of things turning for the worst?

(PS typing errors are sometimes the BEST. For example, on my Droid right now and things originally came up as thongs. Haha, LOL style and all that jazz. Seriously laughing not only because my sense of humor never evolved beyond the 4th grade - thanks, dad! - but because I also remember showing up to college at USC without any clue that thongs related to lacey underthings and I constantly would shout "almost ready, just let me grab my thongs!" when hunting for some summer footwear of the flipflop persuasion. No wonder I was very not cool my first year! Did my coolness improve in years 2 through 4? One may never know but I did stop using the word thongs in any way shape or form!)

(PPS how do we feel about my sidebars being the longest parts of my stories? Is this wildly entertaining like a choose your own adventure book or obnoxious? Pray tell...!)

So where was I? Oh yes...

Peeling off my coat for fear of dying of heat exhaustion (or the smell of my own sweat from running with two heavy bags to the bus!), I powered up my laptop only to find a little sad orange light blinking at me as if to say, sorry try again later bonehead who didn't charge her computer all night.

So here I am, typing away on my phone, wondering what could this all mean? Good day or bad day? How will I ever decide? Good thing I've got this luscious hair to toss over my shoulders while I ponder.

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