Saturday, March 26, 2011

#35. Sober Sister Flashbacks

So what's an almost-wife to do when she is left home by herself on a Friday night? I'll tell you what, a whole lotta nothing.

I have been selfishly indulged by my LOML's presence lately and we have done all sorts of fun things like eat at home because I am trying SO VERY HARD on this new diet, go for walks in the rain, buy a new couch, watch Greek episodes (yes, we have just discovered the show and yes, we realize the series finale has already happened), search the internet for a doggie to love...the list goes on and on and on. It does! You get my point.

So, what? We've been lazy pieces of you-know-what lately and I've been LOVING it (bah do ba ba baaaaaah!).  So when LOML decided to return to the real world of friends and basketball and beers and NO GIRLS ALLOWED on Friday night, well, I was at a loss. What exactly did I do before the U+ME=US phase of co-habitation? I mean, surely I did something? Surely?

You see, what this Lenten experiment into the world of non-drinking has taught me is that, on a Friday night, most of my girlfriends are down for a glass bottle of wine (or two). And not wanting to indulge leaves you a bit on the sidelines. So...I'm coming up with my list of things to do while sober (and apparently, alone). Here it goes:

  •  You can make yourself a granita (doesn't that sound fancy?). And you don't have to share! can get lazy halfway through and turn that granita into a lovely bowl of strawberries and mango and put the ice back in the freezer and no one will know the wiser. Success!
  • You can put the basketball game on mute.  You can stop paying attention, find yourself at halftime, and not worry about what you've missed or feel like your life just flashed before your eyes and the game is only halfway over, oh em gee. You can even unmute during those talking baby commercials and laugh out loud and not be judged for your incredibly caveman-developed sense of humor. And you can watch Kourtney & Kim on DVR when you get bored (shhh!).
  • You can make new dance party playlists and pause while doing so to, well, you know, to shake what yo momma gave ya!
  • Did I mention not having to share your strawberry-mango-bowl-of-God's-goodness?
It was a great night. Oh, and the laundry got done. But I was really, really glad when LOML came home. Even though I was already asleep because, hey, looking this good don't come easy! Beauty rest and all that.

Aren't we a good-lookin' bunch? I miss you, sister friends!

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