Friday, March 25, 2011

#34. Well Hello There, Sunshine!

I will not talk about Rebecca Black.
I will not talk about Rebecca Black.
I will not talk about Rebecca Black.
I will not talk about Rebecca Black.
I will not talk about Rebecca Black.

But, oh, have you heard about Rebecca Black? Okay, good, because then I can refrain from expressing my opinion on Rebecca Black! REBECCA BLACK! This world has gone to the dogs or something like that.

And did you know that I could do 31 pushups? 31! THIRTY-ONE! In a row! Exclamation point! I did not know that I was even close to capable of such a feat and oh how it put a little tickle of joy in my heart. And a tickle of pain in my left tricep that may or may not go away by Monday. Say a prayer for me oh please oh please oh please. And pass the paprikash. And I would love to partake in your pecan pie. Pecan piiiiiiiiiiie.


So in my overdue return to this blog, I am not going to talk about this week's car accident. I am not going to talk about the next day's stolen bike. Nor will I talk about the late late late night of work on a presentation that never ended up happening. Or the torrential downpour that has been all I can see out my window for the last bazillion days. Don't be sad. There are other topics we can discuss!

Like doing a tour on YouTube today and reintroducing myself to Leeroy Jenkins and Charlie and David and Grape Lady. Oh hello, friends. I have missed you. You never cease to make me laugh so hard I cry...seriously. And all we had at work to wipe my tears were compostable napkins. And let me tell you something...those suckers disintegrate for a reason. They are already dead scratchiness. But even their maiming of my eyeballs couldn't take away from my YouTube lovefest 2K11.

And, then, walking home today, I saw the sun. And I sang OUT LOUD here comes the sun (dootin doo doo)! And then it promptly tucked itself behind a cloud never to be seen again. Coincidence? We may never know.

Leeroy, you are just stupid as hell.
At least I have chicken.

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