Thursday, March 3, 2011

#30. Delorian Dreams

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I could have had/been/done in a parallel universe. You know, like one of those movies where if you pick up the phone or don't pick up the phone, your life is forever changed? I am positive that one of those moments (or several!) have happened to me and I just didn't have the fortitude to know (darn you, fortitude! where were you when I needed you? hanging out with common sense, that no good hussy?!?).

Seriously, I know I was supposed to be famous and beautiful and independently wealthy and so on & so forth, but somewhere down the road,  I went a little sideways. Do you ever feel that way? Not, to be exact, that you are going sideways but that somehow you did the wrong thing with the phone? If you are feeling the former, it's time to put down the whisky!

For instance, these are supposed to be the best years of my life, right? I'm supposed to mourn over the loss of this 27-year-old body of mine and wish for it back in years to come - as if!!! Let's be serious; I'm mourning over this sucker now! This 5'2" package is not what I was hoping for when I tried every diet known to man over the last 10 years. And the early onset of wrinkles from work-related stress, let's not even go there.

And what about all the fun you're supposed to be having in your twenties? Going to fabulous parties and "living the life" with your gaggle of girlfriends - I assume they were not talking about my Saturday night curled up in bed watching season 1 of Jersey Shore? Did I really just admit that? Should we end this post here? It's all becoming too much to bear! (Oh, did I mention how dramatic I was? You should know about that before going any further!) But yes, I admit it. Hi my name is Anne and I live vicariously through Snooki & JWoww. I see now that they are not really my friends in my real life. But...I really want the Snooki poof and Jenni's (fake) boobs. C'mon. You do, too!

Seriously, are either of those things real?
courtesy of google image search
But I am really blessed.  You know it and I know it. I have a job, a j-o-b yo! (hahahaha and a REALLY great sense of humor, don't you think?) and the paycheck comes every other Friday without fail. I have a home, a place that I can really call my own (well our own since I have to share it with that Mr. Awesome fellow, but details!), and that I am loving getting to decorate and put my mark on. I have four sisters who used to fight with me like the dickens when we were younger and who I never thought I'd be close to and really just wanted to be far away from and who now I can't live without. I can't. I don't need much of anything if we're honest, but I need them. And I have the sweetest father who loves us so much it almost makes you feel guilty. And my mother who never let us make excuses for ourselves and challenged us to be the best possible and gave us the loving family and home life she never got to really have. And my Boppa who I adore and want to be like in just every way and my Nana who drives me crazy but you can't help but love and my Gram who made me so proud to be a strong woman who takes care of her family NO MATTER WHAT and...the list goes on. I am blessed. It's time to start being grateful - I mean, that's what this blog was supposed to be all about, right?

And who knows? Maybe the phone will ring!

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