Monday, February 28, 2011

#29. Culinary Adventures for Oscar

Is it ridiculous that when shopping for a mansion house condo itty bitty living space that the only thing I really truly cared about was the kitchen? Okay and maybe having a washer/dryer. And lots of closet space. And a parking spot. And some other 10100984309384091257 things (I sincerely thank the Lord that Mr. Awesome only really wanted a living room big enough for his seriously ginormous tv. We are so compatible sometimes I think, and that is just the nicest thought of all).

But seriously, it was the kitchen that would make or break the place for me. There was no settling. I was going to have a fabuloso kitchen or nothing at all. It was the hard and fast rule de queen anne. Off with their heads! Let's play croquet! (can you tell I just re-read Alice & Wonderland? it was oooh sooooo gooooood).

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Okay, where was I going with this? You don't know? Ha! Well, me either. We are officially screwed....or this post will be rather bi-polar. That could be fun. Let's continue, shall we?

Anyhow, I love kitchens. If I could, I would spend all day with the shiny countertops and the gadgets and the neatly arranged cupboards with everything having its' own little spot and everything in its' own little spot and man! do I love order.

So, yesterday, was the day of ME! I'd had it with Monday through Saturday, so Sunday was my girl. She and I were going to have a grand ol' time. And most of my grand ol' times happen in that mecca called MY KITCHEN. And Sunday, well she did not disappoint. I don't know if my happiness or Mr. Awesome's stomach was bigger by the end of the night. I'm gonna go with the happiness factor because there is almost nothing I like more than to win (WINNER! like Charlie Sheen. oh man, did I just compare myself to CharChar the nut? Well, yes I did. There it is, out there. Can't be taken back. Sighhhhhh).

Are you waiting for me to get to the point? HERE IT IS....

I did SO many things yesterday I'd never done before in my kitchen heaven. I made:

  1. Ribs! seriously, I did. Well, the crockpot had a mighty large hand in my rib-making but I stirred that sucker for 8 hours. On & off. Like every other hour. Give or take a bit. So like 3 times (this is my blog, I suppose I should be honest.) 
  2. the best roasted potatoes EVER. Is that too bold? Well too bad because it's true! I've been trying to perfect the roasted crispiness of Aunt Jane's 'taters forevvvvvvvvs and last night, my dream came true. Yes, I think I ate a bazillion potatoes. Made myself a little potato baby stomach and all. Yes, I regretted it this morning. Yes, I will probably have the leftovers for dinner tonight.
  3. poached eggs have you ever done this? If so, will you give me some tips? The egg whites kinda foamed themselves to the top and promptly turned this nasty brown color that ever Mr. Awesome the Bottomless Pit Who Eats Everything and Anything No Shame! No Shame! thought looked funktastic and wouldn't even touch with the ladle!, and the yolks were solid not runny, but they still tasted pretty delish. I will try again...some day but not soon.
  4. roasted asparagus. okay that is a cheater culinary adventure because I have certainly made asparagus before. But indulge me a bit, deal? It was the day of ME! and I'm going to count it.

Don't you wish you were our dinner guest? Don't you, Zack? Well, we had a super sweet awesome time without you, mister! I'm not bitter. Not at all.

And I got to stalk the audience for little Davy last night while the Oscars were on. Using DVR, aka the best invention known to man, so I could skip all the boring categories and commercials. Ha!

But really, I love me those Franco brothers. Seriously. They are adorable. And I know them! So I'm basically famous, too. (This day of ME! thing miiiiiiiight be going to my head, just putting it out there).

And...THE END.

Whew. This post was exhausting. If you are still reading, wow. You have some brain power. And patience. And I would like to borrow some when you get the chance!

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