Sunday, February 13, 2011

#19. Ranger Nancy is my Valentine

Tell me, now, that Ranger Nancy isn't the most amazing person ever. Ever! I spent Valentine's Eve with her and my life was forever changed. Forever! Exclamation point! Do you think she knows how much I love her? Think she knows how much I care? Oh wait, those are lyrics to Fever. Whatever. She's still amazeballs.

Here are some of the gems she gave Mr. Awesome & I on our super-creepy nighttime tour of Alcatraz (yes that was my Valentine's Day present from Mr. Awesome and yes I squealed with excitement. Best. Gift. Ever.):

"Mush, mush, people! Let's go!"

"This tunnel was built, oh well, hmm let's see. It was one of those years, I mean, I just can't keep all these things straight."
               Editor's note: this was the only date she had to give us on the whole tour
"He tried to run me over! Me!" when the cart bringing people who couldn't walk up the hill asked her to move out of the way.

"Well there's a video you can watch down in the library. I think it's about the escapees. I mean, how should I know? The title doesn't give you a very good description, now does it?"

So, now maybe you are thinking that Ranger Nancy makes a pretty lousy tour guide. You may be thinking correctly. But she made me laugh the whole time. Which helped because, let's be honest, I was a wee bit scared for most of the tour. Just a wee bit. 
Look how freakin' excited I am!
Ahh! I'm finally going!
These are my friends, Lazy, Hazy & Jumper McGee
Chris behind bars. Usually he's just in them :) haha
You can't see it, but that's the rock behind us. Ooooh, scary darkness!

I have the best Valentine ever, huh?

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