Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#16. The Black-Haired Kids

Must love dogs should have been a requirement to get into the family. However, had that been the case, neither Papa John nor I would have been admitted to the fun. Sadness, I know! But as a little kid, I just didn't want to get diiiiiiiirty and dogs were diiiiiiiiiirty. Bummer, Basil, Babe, Spot, Buddy - all of them outdoor lovelies who just couldn't get enough of the dirt and the mud and then jumping on all four feet nothing of little ol' me - it's enough to scare the beejeezus outta anyone, I tell ya! And it probably didn't help that Mama Wills would threaten to leave us and take only the dogs when we were bad...which was pretty much all the time with 5 girls in the house!

But then came along Jilly & Bean's rolly-polly goodness and something changed. For one, they got to stay inside for most of the time, thus eliminating much of the diiiiiiiiiirty dilemma. For another, they were just adorable and cuddly and uber snobbish (Jilly) and Eeyore-ish-ly depressed (Bean). I'd never seen such personalities in dogs up close before and my soft feelings got the better of me and I LoVeD them....after, of course, the first weekend we met in which they woke me up at 4:45am to piddle all over me while in bed and then ate ONE of my favorite sneakers. One! What was I supposed to do with one ruined, one fabulous? Le sigh...

Tomorrow, the little monsters turn 7 and I wish I were home to celebrate. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I love those little suckers as if they were my own brother & sister...which of course, we tell them that they are. They've got Papa John's black hair (and they're also starting to go gray just like him, too, heehee!).

Happy Birthday, J&B! Here's my best impression of you...see the family resemblance???

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