Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#25. Margaret!

I know what you're thinking. Really, I do, and not in a creepy way. I'm Just. That. Good. (yesssssssssss)

You are thinking:
Wait a minute! #25? Where the heck did that come from? Aren't we just somewhere in the 'teens? Has this chick lost her bananas?
The answer, my friends, is probably. But in this case, no. Today, of all fine days, we launch the 
because my dear darling sister is turning the ripe ol' age of 25! Yahoo!

(PS, Margie, it's a fun year. I still remember mine. Great things happen in year 25! And...look how stinkin' cute you were! And still are! Good work, you!)

So, friends, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? It will be fun, I promise! And either way, you kinda have to play along because this is my blog and I say so. It just works like that. I'm sorry.

Megs, remember when you tried to run away? That was stupid (no offense). Little itty bitty Mary in her diapers and little t-shirt just up and walked away while Dr. J & I hung out watching tv. We quickly improved upon our babysitting skills, but man! did you give us all a scare. Well, if we're being honest here (and why wouldn't we?), Dr. J & I were more scared of getting in trouble, but I sure am glad you found your way home! That was definitely the beginning of your Little Stinker Phase, to put it lightly haha.

Remember when you moved to USC? And we stood in line all day to get you registered and moved into Parkside? And then you cried a whole lot and stayed with me at the Pink Party Palace until you absolutely had to go home because you were already homesick? Remember how you joined Theta with me and were so proud of yourself for fooling me that you were picking a different house? My favorite memories of your freshman year were our weekly sushi nights at the LC while I worked the Wednesday night shift and you spoiled me with your way-too-big food meal plan freshman year (shh...don't tell Dad!). I loved getting to hang out with you every week and bond over california rolls and coke zero. It was awesome. Remember when you worked in the LC after I graduated and now Dan the Bossman doesn't even remember me? Remember when you moved in the PPP and renamed it your senior year? Remember how our lives were basically the same awesomeness until you graduated and left me for the freezing cold Chicago? REMEMBER??? Because I do and I'm still sad every day :(

And, now Miss Margaret, this is the most important one of all, I dare say...remember when we became best friends? Little by little when I came to rely on you more than anyone else. I remember how you held my hand and gave me hugs when I went through that horrible-awful-time-not-to-be-mentioned my last semester at USC and I felt all alone, so alone. I remember how we didn't fully let Mr. Awesome in until you had come back from Italy and given your stamp of approval. I remember how you called me every day when Mr. Awesome & I went through our not-so-awesome hiccup. And how you kept the biggest secret of all that I never ever thought you capable of because, let's be serious, friends don't make secrets, sisters should never have secrets, and sister friends don't even know what that word means! And of all the sister friends, Sister Mary Margaret doesn't like secrets the most haha. How you kept Mr. Awesome's visit to ask Dad if he could marry me a secret for MONTHS! I will never, ever know. Sharing is caring and you care so much and love so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my sister friend.

I will never vote you off the island. Even if you stay in Chicago forever.

I wanted a picture of you & me here, but you are just so stinkin' pretty in this picture (and real life! it's true!) that I couldn't help but post this one. Awww...pretty girl!

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