Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#27. Cellos Rock

Did you know, sister friends are the best kind of friends? Oh heck yes they are! It is so paiiiiiiiinfully obvious but I will spell it out for you anyways. Friends are great, sisters are awesome, but sister friends are the best things in the entire world. If you're even thinking of asking "why" right now, just don't. We won't get along very well after that, believe you me!

But in case you'd like me to elaborate just where this verbal (written? hmm I don't know how to classify this) declaration for the umpteenth time is coming from, you are in luck. I will do just that. I am so nice. Buy me something pretty.

I love learning things from my sister friends because, for pretty much 97.865% of the time, what they love, I love, and what they hate, revolts me.

Speaking of revolting, here is a tidbit I shared with my sister friend Marge yesterday via text:
I just hiccuped so hard I vomited. thought ud appreciate the share! I love u
See? Aren't sister friends the best? And revolting, yes, it's true.

So anyhooooooooizzle, this is what Margie-pants shared with me in return today:
A man who can rock out on a cello, lift it above his head, and keep jamming out is my kind of rock and roll man.
(ps - she's quite funny, isn't she?)
(pps - those are her real thoughts, fyi. not a quote. well, i guess it's a quote now!)

And you know what? I totally 1 bazillion percent agree. Cellos rock! If you don't believe me, well then obvi you are not a sister friend. And obvi you haven't gone here. Hello! get with the program! (says the girl who had never heard of this band till this morning).

ps - isn't the yellow hat dude adorrrrrrrrrable? i love him. especially when his hat falls off and the lead dude laughs. at the Grammys. amazeballs.

rock on with your bad self

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