Thursday, February 10, 2011

#17. I do NOT talk on my Cell Phone in Public Bathrooms

Here I go again. Are you ready? Because, truth be told, I've been in need of some up-cheering lately and what better way to do so than to toot your own horn (by the way, isn't that the greatest phrase ever invented!)? So, TOOT TOOT, the Anne Horn is sounding off. 

I am PROUD of the fact that I do not, never ever, in a million bazillion years plus a gazillion lifetimes, talk on my phone in public bathrooms. I mean


Not only has it been said that flushing the toilet can cause particles from said toilet to land up to SIX FEET away (seriously, don't forget to put your toothbrush in a drawer or with a handy dandy cover!) but there are other people in there!! Other people with weird sounds coming out of them!



And how exactly do you explain those noises or the flush of the toilet to your cell phone companion. "Hey, what was that? Are...are you in the bathroom?" "No, no don't be silly. That was just the cat coughing up a hairball." "You're a cat person? I'm hanging up now..."

So basically what I'm saying is that you lose your friends either way. Just don't do it, people. Just don't. You will thank me later, I am sure. You're welcome!

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