Saturday, February 5, 2011

#14. For the Love of Hot Pink Lipstick

I found myself in the need of some up-cheering. No particular reason but truth be told, I was wallowing in it. So, into the bathroom I went and found myself, totally unaware, applying


Not gloss, not shimmer, but lipstick, people. You know, the thing your Nana wears? Can you be 27 and wear lipstick and still look yourself in the eye? And, more importantly, can hot pink lipstick do the trick to pull you out of a funk?

I emerge with lips duly painted to find Mr. Awesome at work in the living room/kitchen/breakfast nook/office.

Me: I am feeling needy.
Mr. Awesome: What can I do to help?
Me: I would like you to choose a snack. And then I will purchase/make said snack.
Mr. Awesome: Okay but only something little b/c dinner is in an hour & a half (what a buzz kill, he is).
Me: I knoooooow but I am grumbly in my tumbly.

So down I go to Falletti's (which by the way, is the greatest invention known to man. Grocery store beneath apartment. Glorious!) and wander around trying to find parmesean-flavored goldfish (Mr. Awesome's favorite and mine, too, b/c when he's happy, I'm happy). "Cute shoes!" I hear and instantly, mood rockets up a notch (and, truth be told, they are pretty stinkin' cute!). Wander, wander, wander, up and down each aisle, and let me tell you...I found a whole list of things to improve said mood:

1. Canned pumpkin - I have been searching for Libby's canned pumpkin for weeks! It just cannot be found! And then, lo and behold, there it was, singing, beckoning to me! buy me! Canned pumpkin + spice cake mix + 3T water = best muffins EVER AND EVER AMEN.

2.  Tortilla chips, on sale! - did I ever tell you how many bags of tortilla chips we eat in this household? And by we, I do not mean we. I mean Mr. Awesome and his love affair with the crunchy corn variety. If it were possible, he'd leave me for them, of this I am certain. But then, who would make his guac for him? EXACTLY!

3. The biggest jalapeno pepper EVER - it made me laugh out loud. I don't even like jalapenos, but into my arms it went b/c holy cow it was ginormous...and I figured I could throw it into the pomegranate guac we are making tomorrow and it will be a hit AND a hoot! Bang, bang for your buck!

4. Coke Zero - because seriously, caffeine perks me riiiiiiight up. And then I crash. But the up is so gooooood, I can't stop.

5.  Parmesean Goldfish - did you think I forgot? Nay, I am like an elephant who never (okay sometimes/sorta/most of the time) forgets. But not today, hooray!

And so now I am drinking my Zero and snacking on my 'fish and my mood is better. 

But, seriously, can you wear hot pink lipstick? Of this, I am not sure.

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