Thursday, February 17, 2011

#21. I can sew!

Did you know that? Because I didn't! And, frankly, I was quite doubtful about the whole enterprise. But it was either endeavor to hold my sleeve up with one hand for the rest of my life (or portion thereof that I spend wearing my favorite gray wooley sweater-dress, which is quite a significant portion indeed!) and spend the night doing homework or go head-to-head with the needle and thread (ooh I rhymed without trying! seriously, LOVE when that happens). What would you choose?

Obviously, I went with the latter and here's how the whole thing went down. 

I'm sitting in a (boring) meeting, minding my own business, trying desperately to fake interest in whatever was being written on the flip chart about D3 learners and whether they come from being a D4 or a D2 and what do I care blah blah blah when I feel a strange sensation on my left arm. It wasn't a tickle and it wasn't a breeze but it was feeling a little peculiar. So subtly I shift my right arm to touch my left and assume my best "hmm yes that is soooo interesting" thinking position and then promptly launch into a bit of a panic. My sleeve is no longer being held up in that adorable little scrunchy casual fashion meaning...


I do a little ants-in-my-pants dance in my seat, trying to scavenge the floor for said button, even making up imaginary rules like if I find it, I will run an extra mile today or I will volunteer to actually explain the flip chart or I will shave my know, promises of GARGANTUAN proportions. But, to no avail. The missing buttons gods did not see fit to reward my offers of sacrifice and so, all day long, nothing could usurp the fugliness of my lopsided dress from the #1 spot in my mind.

Being a proud Type A, though, I was preeeeeeeeeeetty sure that in my sewing box at home, I had saved the extra button from the dress, labeled and such like all good Type A's do, so I counted down the hours till I could race out of there. And, of course, I was right.

So, I carefully lay out my dress, new button, an entire package of needles (because you just never know...and because it had never been opened before!) and the matching wooley gray string. And then


I had no idea what to do next! Do I start from the inside or the outside? Do I tie both ends of the string into a knot together or just one end? How thick does this freakin knot have to be (FOUR times over. FOUR! seriously)? Now how in the heck do I tie knot at the end? Did I just put it on backwards? YES! YES I DID!

But, you know, I'm no quitter. And when I'm procrastinating from doing homework, man, nothing can break my concentration. So I labored, maybe I even broke a sweat (I'll never tell) and my dress is now gloriously symmetrical again. 

What do you do when you accomplish a major feat? Take a picture? Dang right that's what you do!

And then you celebrate with some of this...

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