Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#26. Not Everyone Can be a BA

I have a knack for abbrev's, yes I do. Except for the shortened form of the word "pounds" (ugh, don't even get me started!), I love to abbrev and do it almost (okay, definitely) excessively. It's great fun and makes life so much more efficient and I really truly think everyone loves it. Especially Mr. Awesome. How do I know? Well, sometimes he tries to steal my abbrev's or make up some of his own, which is just plain silly because, while I love him, he just doesn't have the knack like I do.  They just kinda fall dead on their faces and he's standing there waiting for the world to laugh and love and it just doesn't happen. Breaks my lil' heart.

(don't worry, LOML; i promise to always abbrev enough for the both of us. ooh, should that be part of our marriage vows? hmm highly possible!)

But, let's be serious (LBS!), sometimes you have to speak in whole words. Annoying, yes, but necessary in places like, oh, the office or with customer service phone reps or when ordering subway sandwiches (turk n picks please! doesn't get translated very well; trust me). This all results in the frequency of my abbrev's reaching an all-time low lately (living far apart from sister-friends doesn't help either!) and so I shocked even myself this past week in creating a whole new abbrev, which the Awesome man & I are now using quite excessively, quite!

Are you ready? Here it is....

(drumroll, please..........!)

used to describe all things relating to my awesomeness and things or others i find awesome and worthy of the designation

use it. love it. spread it. but not as much as Mr. Awesome. The excessive use of the word is reserved solely for yours truly because, let's face it, the rest of the world is just not as BA as me. And because 
I do what I waaaaaaaaaaant!
(another pretty BA phrase coined and used to excess by moi)

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