Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#7 Bubbles

I have a confession to make. This morning, before work, I took a BATH. And ohhhhh was it luxurious!

I woke up, exhausted from life again, and thought to my Self, "Self, rollover and go back to sleep." But then I also thought "ha! that didn't turn out so well last week when you slept too late, ran out the door with greeeeeeeeeasy hair and was late to a meeting....twice."

So I got up, fully intending to turn on the shower, and instead, I just sat right down in the tub and


I even shaved my legs, which these days, is a rare occurrence (Mr. Awesome says he doesn't mind. Do you think he's lying? I do!). But mostly, I just sat and relaxed and thought about my day. And then tried very hard to NOT think about my day and just be in the moment (which is really much harder than it seems).

I tried to not think about this morning's meetings or this afternoon's interview or how I was going to fit in another run (5 days in a row! yay me!) or the dinner with friends that I was kind of dreading, if only because I am trying to lose weight and have done SO WELL these past 5 days. Do you see what I mean? Even just telling you what I was trying not to think about I am now thinking about more. Oh these thoughts of mine! They take on a life of their own, I swear!

But for 15 minutes this morning, I soaked and my thoughts, well, they took a shower and went right down the drain.

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