Thursday, January 27, 2011


Blast from the past...our 1st Superbowl...Feb 2007

Four years. FOUR years. FOUR FOUR FOUR!

Did you ever notice how when you write a word over and over and over, it seems to take on a life of its' own and is no longer the word you originally intended? That just happened! Where's my 4? FOUR just doesn't look right. Strangeness!

Anyhow, like the Count, today I am REALLY excited about a number. But clearly not just any number, but the number FOUR. And not just because it's nice and even, I really can't stand those odd(ball) numbers, but because today of all days, it means something BIG.

I've had four years of someone's hand to hold, someone to tell me I am beautiful even when I'm not (rarely happens, obvi, but still, HA!), and someone to sit beside me when I cry or when I laugh and love me the same either way. That is 1461 days of togetherness (yes, I remembered to count the leap year, yay me!) and that is SOMETHING because I'll tell you, I know I am no easy cat to put up with. 

And this year is a pretty damned big deal, because this year, we go back to zero. This is our last anniversary as Anne+Chris and then, we get to be....

The Tresters.

Oooh, shivers down my spine! He has that effect on me, you know. From day one. Day One, I kid you not. I knew I was meant to love him the day I met him, even though I tried to play it cool, even though I thought this floppy haired kid from Santa Barbara was just another one of my walks down the wrong side of the dating street, and even though it took us 2 1/2 years to start dating officially. I gave up. Only once. And somehow, magically, the universe said HEYYYYYYYYY THAT IS NOT WHAT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN and boom! he was my boyfriend.

He'll be my husband.

Mr. Awesome...I love you


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