Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#8 The Ultimate Family Tradition

Today I woke up cranky, which is dangerous territory for everyone involved. Or not involved. It doesn't matter; my crankiness does NOT discriminate. Consider yourself warned, people!

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was out until 11:30 last night (UNHEARD OF! me, a party animal?? haha AS IF! i was having dinner with the 'ie club. i love me some Adie & Rachie and clearly we all talk alot!). Anyhow, mystery remains but the grumpy/pouty/waaaaaaaaah!Snooki-style face Anne reared her head and we are just all still waiting until she goes away. 

Crankypants Anne couldn't think of anything positive today - anything! She mulled over the great company she kept last night at Uva Enoteca (which, by the way is delish!). Then she pondered writing about wine b/c no matter which Anne she is that day, but especially when she's Crankypants Anne, oh does she love wine! And, then, it hit her. Today is the last day that she & Mr. Awesome were THREE! And that, people, is reason enough to be grateful but let's save that for tomorrow, shall we? Today, we will be grateful for the ultimate family tradition - the milestone countdown!

Mama Wills is a lot of things - I mean that literally. She is a lawyer, a teacher, former president of the Iowa State Bar, incredible craftswoman, beyond indescribably amazing cook, a loud laugher, great hugger, but most of all, she is my Mama. And I love her. Like WOAH. 

One of the things I love most about Mama Wills is that in spite of the crazy/busy life she leads (see above), she made our family a family with MAJOR traditions. My parents were not spoilers, oh no. If you have any doubts, talk to Dr. J. She still complains that her only childhood toy was a cardboard box and that she never got a 1st Communion party. Now, seeing as she is at the ripe ol' age of 29, some people would say "let it go, will ya?" but there's some merit to her complaints. Just sayin'...

But every holiday morning, the kitchen table was a veritable sight to see. It was like a poor man's Christmas, only it would be St. Patrick's Day, or Halloween. We'd all get a card from our Daddio & usually a cool figurine that I still proudly display every year! And we'd also get sweets & a present from our Mama, which varied year-to-year, based on important things like whether scrunchies were still cool or if American Eagle was all the rage, etc. I know you're thinking "when would the answer to these questions be no?" but then you've never met my Sally Sue, fashionista and stylist to not the stars (yet!) but to her sister friends. These things would NOT be allowed today. Sadness. 

But I am totally getting off topic! Okay so let's review - Mom, love her, maker of the ultimate family tradition. Check! Moving on. 

So if you think random holidays are a big deal to the Family Unit, birthdays are even better! And it all starts with my Mama, calling each day the week before you were born to say "Happy last Monday you're 26!" then "happy last Tuesday you're 26!" etc. It is such a little thing but


Which is what Mama's are all about. Especially mine. Man, am I lucky. 

Happy last day we are THREE, Mr. Awesome! 
I love you to the moon & back & back again!

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