Saturday, January 29, 2011

#11. Sooz Sightings!

My sister Sooz is here for a visit and OH HOW I LOVE MY SISTER SOOZ. She is awesomeness and wonderfulness all in one, with a healthy dose of giggles and fantastic ruminations on the side.  I could go on and on and on, but oh do I love her. She reminds me of me and then nothing of me and then I get ambitious and want to be more like her. Because, more than anything, Sooz is FUN. She can turn anything into hilarity and I not only appreciate the happy thoughts but oh my abs are getting a workout (something they have not seen enough of lately, I'll tell you!).  But sometimes, you've just got to call a spade a spade and say "Anne, you're just not funny." Don't think that will stop me from trying, though!

When she landed yesterday, her flight decided to hang out on the runway because I suppose they assumed we wanted to build up the anticipation some more. It seriously got to the point where I thought I could hear the big drums booming dun dun dunnnnnnnnn....all dramatic-like and such (to my dismay, no big drum booms actually came to fruition). And, then, we thought she was finally coming out of the terminal until we got a text saying Well, waiting for my bag bc I inadvertently checked it. Say what? You inadvertently checked it? Pray tell, how exactly does one check a bag inadvertently? And, that's how the weekend of giggles began. 

After a few HOURS of intense MarioKart battles between Sooz & Mr. Awesome, we went on a Tour of Divisadero last night. You've never heard of the Tour of Divisadero? Well, duh!, that's because I invented it. And it is awesome.

We started off at Nopa, which is indescribable deliciousness and ate until we couldn't feel feelings anymore. During said gorge-fest, Sooz and I bonded over our love for making all our dollar bills face the same way in our wallet. Seriously, what is nicer than a neatly organized wallet? It makes you feel like all is right in the world, with all the bills in numerical order and facing the same way.'s my little piece of Heaven. Mr. Awesome loves it when I steal his wallet to "organize" for him. He sure is lucky, don't you think?

Wallets nicely organized, we then trekked north to Tortilla Heights to meet B & her work friends plus Twitter Marcus for the end of their happy hour. And, people, here is where I toot my own horn. Ten blocks, uphill, in heels, walking with mammoth Sooz (did I tell you that Sooz is tall? she's like a giant...comparatively...which means she's probably average height but to me, well let's just say I can see up her nostrils! hahahahaha I don't think she knew that before! well...secret's out!) and I was leading the charge. Slash keeping up nicely. I would do a little run-run-run and then walk-walk-walk, back to run-run-run to keep pace. I probably burned off 2 billion calories, which totally covers my half margarita and greyhound later on at Lions' Den.


Something which never would've happened without the Sooz here to visit. Gosh, I love her.

Isn't she pretty? Love you!

Eye candy entertainment:
Isn't he just so hardcore? Leader of the pack vroom vroom!


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