Saturday, January 1, 2011

And on the Eighth Day....

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up and say "Self, what is your purpose?" Seriously now, have you? Well I have and let me tell you, that is a HeAvY question for first thing in the morning!

The other day I was pondering the state of the economy (can I afford new shoes?), global warming (can I wear a tank top & cardi in January?) and...THE MEANING OF LIFE. Whew. Then I went back to bed. And when I woke back up again, I had all the answers.

Answer #1 -
definitely but only if they are (a) adooooooorable, (b) make me taller (b/c Self is actually rather short...but don't tell anyone), and (c) can be justified by being able to be worn with jeans, dresses, yoga pants, etc etc etc. You know, just like every other pair in my closet.

Answer #2 -
clean clothes = wearable clothes so go for it! decision made.

Answer #3 -
this blog.

I have a pretty awesome life but I don't think I always realize it, hence why I lust after the other side of the fence and still search for the meaning of life. Well, people, this is it - it's all we get. So I'm gonna start living and blogging and each day, remind myself of one thing I am grateful for & why San Francisco Anne is the best Self there is!

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